Navy and Yellow

February 28, 2015 – Seeds of Design

“Their smiles,
Wan as primroses gathered at mignight
By chilly-fingered Spring.”
John Keats

Polyanthus or Primrose

Continuing my navy color theme…

Navy and Yellow.  Yellow is associated with energy and is the color of sunshine.  Use a little (or a lot) to make you happy.

This living room uses gray as the neutral background with the accents being navy and yellow. The tufted patent leather ottoman adds a touch of texture and boldness to a very plain room.  The decor doesn’t take away from what looks like a gorgeous view from the window.

When I found this teen bedroom photo it took me back to when I was about 10 years old.  My Dad and I painted my dresser and vanity yellow with an “antique” method.  I believe we were the innovators who inspired the Annie Sloan paints (LOL)!  I loved my yellow furniture with my blue shag carpeting.  Little did I know back then that navy and yellow together made a great color scheme.
Etsy sells this pretty navy, yellow, light blue, gray, and white fabric.  This would be great as a pillow.

Navy and white cotton throws look great over a sofa or bed in this color scheme.

As a designer we learn when making groupings of any kind, whether it be pillows, candles, or anything on a table, it looks better if we group an odd number of things together.  Usually you should stick to groups of three, five at most.  It’s visually stimulating and draws your eye to the objects.  Placement of decorative items in a room is fun, but that’s the subject of another blog to come.  

In the bedroom photo above you’ll see that there are two sconces and two benches at the foot of the bed.  How is that an odd number of objects?  It’s obviously not,   they’re not considered a grouping of objects, but primary pieces of furniture.       The placement of furniture in this way serves a purpose of providing symmetry, or balance, to the overall room.  If we draw an imaginary line down the middle of the bed, each half has a matching object on the other side.  

Pretty little dresser that I believe was painted as DIY by Martha Stewart.

Next up will be Navy and Orange.

I’ve got the Blues…

February 25, 2015   –  Seeds of Design

I must have flowers, always, and always. Claude Monet




I’ve got the Blues… 

 It still feels like a long, cold winter ahead. I’m starting to feel like a melting snowman.

We’ve all been cooped up inside to keep warm and it seems like forever.  Instead of feeling blue, let’s look at the blues we can use in our homes to put some zing in our Spring.

Zillow Digs (the folks who list all those homes for sale) says that blue will be the most popular accent color for interiors this year.  Navy is a classic color and never goes out of style.  It goes well with many colors; my favorites being white (nautical and crisp), orange (perfect complement), green (adds earthiness), and coral (keeping it in the ocean theme).     

A navy door is bold and inviting.  I love Behr paints at Home Depot, so a comparable paint would be Behr Navy Blue S-H 580.  I suggest their Premium Plus Exterior Satin enamel.  It gives a sleek look yet it is formulated to withstand the elements.

If you would love a blue couch, one of these could be for you.  The four couches here were researched for different price points.  The most expensive one on top is $3700.  Next one is $1700.  Third is $1300 and last one is $750.  Of course they vary widely by style–the blue velvet being their only similarity.  

Navy goes nautical (with this gorgeous view of water) on this paisley pillow , dressing up the cream chair.  You could easily exchange it for the Etsy print pillow if paisley isn’t your style.  The fabric on the Etsy pillow is by Duralee.

I’m loving this navy dresser in front of a neutral taupe wall.  The navy and white prints behind the dresser carry the color vertically up the wall and really are set off with the white matting and navy frame.

The lattice rug would be a nice accent piece to a neutral room where you want some color but not too much.  It’s called the Moroccan trellis by Rugs USA.  100% wool.

This copper lamp with navy shade is amazing!  It’s by Nate Berkus (Oprah’s protege) and you can find it at Home Shopping Network.  You can get some great deals on HSN and QVC.

A navy wall is super bold so if you painted a room in that make sure it gets lots of natural light.  The glass pendant lights are beautiful, but not available to ship to the USA (whoops), sorry!


 More Navy & White……..



I love this living room done in neutrals–cream, brown and a soft gray wall.  Navy is used as an accent with the pillows, vertical stripe on the roman shades, and cushions.


Navy and white bedroom, again with neutrals.  Beautiful cream bedding (Yves Delorme) on a 4-poster bed with funky pineapple finials on top.  Lots of texture on the sisal rug and wallpaper.  The traditional bed contrasts with the modern ikat print on the settee.  It’s very symmetrical in design (each half of the room has exactly the same objects) which gives it lots of order, but I’m usually a lover of assymetry.  The beautiful orchids on either side of the bed loosen the formality of the room.




Living room

Dining Room 

Wool and silk throw, pillow from Barn & Willow 




In my next blog entry, I will take a look at some rooms in Navy and Yellow.




Paint Trends for 2015

 Feb. 12, 2015   –   Seeds of Design





 Color Trends for 2015 

Trends in clothing and fashions typically influence the coming year’s trends in home interiors. In the Fall of 2014, the High Point market in North Carolina predicted the following colors to become popular:

1.  Blues remain as a strong influence in cobalt, lapis, and robin’s egg for cool and tranquil appeal.

2.  Rich Reds will come into favor: warm tones of plum, burgundy, and garnet to pink and coral.  Red usually signifies strength and power.

3.  Pastels will become popular and are already in stores on linens and towels.  The subtle hues of pink, dusty blue, lilac, and mint green are making a come-back in fabric and leather.

4.  Gray stays strong as the new neutral.

Mixed metals are trending in gold and silver for touches on mirrors, lamps, and other accessories.  Bronze and brass will come into play this year as well.


I found that the new Behr paints and color palettes on my blog correspond to the current colors set by Pantone.

Since the 1950’s, the Pantone company has been a leading authority in color research.  They have a system of standardizing more than 3,000 colors to make sure they match for different manufacturers, florists, and designers to plan for their products.  




For my Frosted Pastels board, 

I’ve chosen an antique dresser that was refinished in Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in “Old White”.

The large silver-framed antique leaning mirror in Louise silver is a perfect accent to add to the French King Louis vibe of the bedroom, along with the small crystal chandeliers.

A light blue tufted headboard with pastel sheets and taupe comforter on the bed make the room so inviting.  It makes me want to grab a book and hunker down under that soft bedding for the rest of the winter.

Accent pieces are the yellow, white, and blue mini jewelled lanterns and the DIY covered books to finish the romantic, pastel, French-inspired bedroom.








Nuanced Neutrals are colors of medium tone.  When choosing a color palette you want to pick colors that are of the same intensity. 

This vibrant bedroom has many patterns on the bed with a zebra bedskirt and matching zebra headboard.  The comforter is a blue and green peacock design. This bed set is great, but I would have chosen a solid fabric for the headboard.

On the right side is the original designer’s fabric board.  The two pillows are just different fabrics in the same colors you might choose.

The mirrored chest has beautiful, clean lines.  It’s an object in the room that reflects what surrounds it.  Another touch of elegance is the small, crystal chandelier.  I love it because it’s super affordable.

On the floor is an area rug that has the appearance of being sisal.  I don’t find them very barefoot-friendly.  This rug is a chenille/jute combo and very comfy on your feet.


 Deep Dreams is a serene and restful bedroom.  

The walls are painted in a similar color to Seared Gray.  The custom headboard is upholstered in a gray and white chevron pattern that looks to me like little bird feet.  As in other bed sets, pillows can be solid or in different prints such as the greek key and solid mulberry similar to Behr’s Liaison.

I’m in love with this French cane, gray desk!  It’s a Louis XV antique that was refinished.  It’s curved lines soften the harsh ones of the chevron pattern.  

The side chair I found is a reproduction of a french side chair in a peacock color.  The finish happens to match the gray desk.

The little round ottoman is in mulberry velvet and tufted with nail head trim. 

Since this room is full of dark jewel tones, I would choose a light color linen drape such as these pretty Belgian ones.  It would bring a little more light into the room. 





Last, but not least, are the Social Brights

One of my favorite color schemes is orange and blue.  They’re complementary colors so they play off each other well.  The vintage headboard here has been refinished and painted a light blue.  The bedding has been done in heavily saturated colors and geometric designs.

I’ve added a brass sconce to the wall and a brass floor lamp behind the chaise.  The white chaise lounge, the white on the bed linen, and blue and white toile wallpaper all help to lighten the feeling of the room.

An old dresser is painted blue to match the bedskirt.  A tall gold framed mirror leans against the wall.

I chose a light blue and white area rug.  Another area of lightness was needed to play off the dark surfaces of the dresser and bed.

What color palette is your favorite for the coming year?








Modern English Country Home

 February 4, 2015 – Seeds of Design
Here’s a gorgeous home built within the last five years or so (Sept 2011 issue Traditional Home) with the look of an old English manor estate.  Inside it has a modern, open floor plan with tall windows which allow for lots of natural light.  It’s the best of both worlds, in my opinion. 
 The home featured today is owned by the Blauser Family of Atlanta, Georgia. 
 Living Area with Beam Ceiling



A neutral color scheme of cream and tan is brightened by touches of teal and brown with textured fabrics. Their love of antiques is blended with modern fabric and an Italian chandelier.




The double-circle backed dining chair is Barry Dixon’s famous Albermarle chair. Here it’s done in an ultra suede fabric that holds up well for families.  The banquette is upholstered in pleather for the same reason.   There’s a beautiful walnut kitchen floor. 

 Below is the Italian antique chair that Mr. Dixon used as inspiration for his design. He discovered it in Virginia. 



The designer has placed his iconic chair in many homes from traditional (this English manor home), to a more contemporary-style home that features the Albermarle in the bathroom, as seen below. 

Sitting Area



An antique desk and sitting room chairs combine well with a contemporary lamp and pendants.  Whitewash paneling complete the room with the fireplace tucked in an arched nook. 



 Master Bedroom


Gingham drapes frame the French doors.  The large scalloped canopy on the wood bed has a blue velvet lining that matches the upholstered headboard.  Orange fabric on the bench contrasts nicely to the blue. 

Interior design featured here by Huff-Dewberry, kitchen by Beth Barfield Designs, both of Atlanta.  For more information see Traditional Home Magazine 





Welcome to my blog. I hope you all will enjoy the journey as I bring you aspects of interior design and décor that are appealing to me. I’m a Pinterest devotee, Instagram checker, Facebook fancier, and Twitter tweeter (not that often).

My idea of a dream vacation would be antique shopping and touring historic homes here in the US, then hopping to the UK for more of the same. My favorite style of furnishings is a mixture of some new, some antiques, and English/French country thrown in. I’m not averse to clean lines of more modern styles, but I believe your home is your castle. It should reflect you and what makes you happy with comfort being the main objective.

It’s a good thing I love flowers and gardens because I’m a late bloomer! I grew up in Maryland, spent 15 years in California where our daughters were born. Fast forward back to the east coast where we have been ever since. I finished my B.A. in Art History at the University of Maryland at age 40. After several years of being an expediter for interior design firms (I ordered the furniture and fabric and kept track of client deliveries), I wanted to do the designing myself.

So I went back to school for a certification in Architecture and Interior Design.  It was a lot of fun to do client boards for projects such as a clothing store, restaurant/bar, and a yacht. The CAD was also enjoyable. The architectural drawing and blueprint rendering classes were a little tough.

It was rewarding to be on the student board of ASID where we designed a room for a designer home showcase and the next year designed a room for a local Habitat for Humanity house.

After graduating the economy was lackluster and home designing jobs were few and far between. I was able to gain some practical experience at a small family-owned company whose main income was from upholstery and window covering sales with some wallpaper and fabric thrown in.

That brings me to the present, if you’ve read this far! I just want to say I’m jumping into my new blog with fingers blazing and here to represent us baby boomers of the 50s!

I stopped waiting for the right opportunity to come along and decided to start my own company. Don’t hesitate to write to me with comments and/or any design issues. Now let’s have some fun.