A Pop of Pink



March 20, 2015  –  Seeds of Design

If I had a flower

for every time I thought of you,

I could walk in my garden forever.

Alfred Lord Tennyson 



In my paint trends for the coming year (blog 2/13/15), I predicted warm tones of plum, burgundy, garnet, pink, and coral would be popular.  These color trends also translate into home decor for choosing furniture and accessories.  

I needed some pink today so I decided to do an entry ALL ABOUT PINK.  It’s one of my favorite colors.  It’s bright and uplifting.


The pink bedroom photo with the fuschia damask wallpaper sure is bright!  In spite of the large damask print wallpaper and matching drapes, I love how it was toned down with lots of white and touches of blue.  Of course, I do really love the blue french country desk.

Next to that photo is the living room with the pink couch which comes from hydrangea hill cottage blogspot.  There are lots more English decor chic photos there.  The couch is actually a striped fabric with several English country pillows.  The floor-to-ceiling windows with box valances give this home a castle feel, yet it seems very cozy.  

On the far right is a pink and tan bedroom.  Pink is an accent here with fuschia pillows and light pink comforter.  It’s very neutral with the tan walls, chair,and tan drape that appears to enclose the bed if pulled across.  

The pink palette (top right) includes white, light pink, rose, olive, and gray.


A fresh, country living room with white furniture is a very light and airy space. Pink accents add energy and spark; with the drapes, throw, area rug, and beautiful pink cabinet.

The two pink, french side tables have an antique touch of gold. They would be a great addition to any bedroom or living room.

The shabby chic palette next to the peonies are muted pinks, mint and olive greens.

Next to the palette is a lovely tufted armchair with delicate pink, white, and gold ottoman.

Here is the front view of the pink glass-front cabinet.  

I ran across the cutest pink car and wanted to share.  It’s a Fiat that was in their showroom in London, done in honor of Barbie’s 50th anniversary.  It’s supposedly in Barbie’s favorite pink nail polish.  

Have a wonderfully pink day!!


Navy and Green


March 13, 2015   –   Seeds of Design

 Bearded Iris


The reason I love the iris is because my Dad had them planted around his garden as a border and in front of our house.  Tulips were along one edge of the garden and pansies were in the round, tiered, cake-like beds.


Nautical Navy and Grassy Green 

In my previous blog on Navy and Orange, I covered how the use of navy in our home decor affects us…it’s calming, as the waves of the ocean.  Green is a color that renews, like the new growth of Spring.  It calls to mind the crocus breaking through the cold, wintry soil, heralding milder weather ahead.  Green represents all of nature.  Since it’s March, green is used to represent the hillsides of Ireland and it’s patron saint, St. Patrick.  You may insert (real) green beer here!!  For green beer, put 2 drops of green food coloring in a glass or mug and just add beer.



To me, using navy and green colors together is like bringing the ocean and earth together in your home.  That’s a powerful image.  The first photo on the left (living room) uses a sisal area rug to anchor the furniture.  The navy couch is the focal point, along with the square, blue/green/white ottoman.  The white arm chairs are pretty, but not practical in a well-used living area.  You could also use a solid green or light gray, as shown in the photo on the far right.  The green floral drapes lend an organic, earthy feel to the room.  Fabrics here are from Calico Corners. I love those arched french doors!


The living room on the right side also has fabric from Calico Corners.  Upon closer inspection of the gray chair, it’s a herringbone design which is adding some texture to the room.

Very pretty additions to this color scheme would be the hurricane candle holders with peas around the inside.  I’m definitely using this idea.  Thanks, Chelsea, from the Two Twenty One blog.

The green/white/navy pillows are made with sunbrella fabric so you can use them outdoors or indoors.  These are from Horchow.  The grommets give them a very nautical look.

The rug is called Caspian by Oriental Weavers and sold through Rugs-Direct.com.  It’s made of synthetic fiber so you can use outdoors also.  What I love about indoor/outdoor rugs is that when you use in the house it is so easy to clean up spills from them.  The pattern appears to be a very pretty zinnia-type flower.

The bedroom on the bottom, left, has a bright emerald green wall.  With the dark wall, navy headboard, and mostly navy rug, they went with a white comforter with navy embroidery to brighten the room.  According to HGTV, the use of emerald will remain popular this year.  

I show a color scheme pallette of navy, white, and green from Design Seeds.  They have tons of color schemes already pulled together for you.  

Last, but not least, is the navy and white bunny planter (with other animals) that I love.  It’s from Anthropologie.


Just because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, I’m including this great quirky tie!  My Dad had a bright green tie he always wore on that day to work–back in the days that men had to wear suits every day.

Saol fada agus breac-shlainte chugat 

Long life and good health to you!




Navy and Orange

 March 4, 2015   –   Seeds of Design


To plant a garden is to
believe in tomorrow.

Audry Hepburn 

The color blue is calming and tends to lighten your mood…de-stress you.  It evokes rippling waves of the ocean or soft cerulian sky in Summer.  I think it’s a great color to use for the walls of this cozy library—grab your book and a glass of wine and you’re set.  
Orange is the complementary color to blue since it is on the opposite side of the color wheel.  Where blue may represent knowledge and tranquility, orange is a stimulating and happy color.  The orange couches lend the room a liveliness and burst of energy.
More snow is expected here tomorrow and I’m happy to be looking at flowers and bright decorative rooms!  It really takes my mind off the last few weeks of winter.
In the first room on my montage is a blue and orange library.  If you look closely at the fireplace wall you can see blue squares.  These are leather “tiles”.  It’s a really different look for an accent wall.  They’re also used as floor coverings.
As a DIY-er, I was checking out methods of installation for a leather wall.  It’s not for the amateur.  Number 1 on the list is “Find and contact an expert installer”!! As you can probably guess, using leather for a wall covering is beautiful, but not a cheap design addition.  There are some how-to’s on the internet for installing faux leather walls or ceilings.  Here’s an example of a faux leather wall behind a TV.  I think it looks great.  You can have the look of leather without the expense.
Faux leather pieces are usually attached to plywood with an adhesive, never to drywall.  
The bedroom above uses navy as an accent with the geometric comforter, drapes, and sharp lined navy heaboard.  I also think it would look good with a navy bedskirt to anchor the headboard.
The living room has a very long window seat in front of the picture window.  It’s really pretty, but not practical.  I don’t think it will get much use.  The sofa is most likely facing the wall with a TV.  I would rather have it facing the window with the gorgeous view.  Or, you could angle the sofa to be more parallel to the window seat and you would still have the ability to view the TV.  They have broken the rule for rug placement!  You always want to anchor an area rug by placing under the sofa or other large pieces of furniture… I won’t tell them!
The guest room (or kids room) can accommodate 6 people.  Four in the beds and two in the trundle beds.  The bunk beds placed head-to-head use space very economically.  Navy is the predominant color here as it is on the walls and the rug.  It’s very soothing.  The blue and white striped comforter is  a nautical touch.  I really like the orange quilt with gray on the reverse side.  The extra pillows have one with a great big crab on it.  That makes me anxious for summer and those yummy blue Maryland crabs!  The pillows are from World Market–a great online shop for almost everything.  
Only a few more weeks until Spring!!!!!!