Color Trends for Spring 2016 – Blurred Boundaries




The colors Behr picked for Blurred Boundaries paint trends are celadon, modern mint, status, raw copper, and charcoal plum.

Serenity and optimism seems to be the buzz words describing Blurred Boundaries colors.  Once again I feel the paints chosen for the color palette are still a bit strange together, but the tones are starting to soften.  If I imagine them as earth/dirt (copper), grass and trees (celadon and mint), and the sky with some clouds (stratus and charcoal), that is when I can visualize these colors becoming an integral, cohesive unit.


image image

Pictured above is a relaxing bedroom loft in celadon with an ombré alcove painted with modern mint and stratus.  (Personally, if I had a cool loft I’d leave the brick walls natural.)  The furniture is more modern but has lots of rounded pieces in the room such as the oval plant pot, rounded side table, round throw rug, bulbous pendant lights, etc. which soften the modern tone.  Modern case goods (hard furniture pieces) can often feel stark or hard-edged.

At least with this color palette I can begin to see a method to the madness!