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Hello all!  Now that it’s the week before Halloween I’m sure everyone is looking for some really cute ideas for your windows or tables.  First let me run out to the store because the 3 bags of candy I bought last month are gone!


I found a few really easy ideas on HGTV.com.  This idea is perfect to add some “dark shadows” to your dining room.   Using an empty wine bottle, vinegar, or any other interesting shape bottle, you can easily make these to pick your poison!

HGTV recommends spray painting your bottle with primer then 2-3 coats of black matte paint.  After it dries print out a label showing what poison you chose.



If you don’t have time or don’t want to carve your pumpkins, spray paint them black and use construction paper to make eyes, nose, ears, and whiskers for your kitties.



If you’re not into scary things or want something simple, make these chicken-wire cloches.  They’re made by putting chicken wire around a metal lampshade frame.  For directions click here.  You could use them for other holidays too.

Last year I made big spider webs out of trash bags.  It was easier than I thought.  I can’t find my photo, but here is the one from Listotic which is where I learned how to do it from Pinterest.



I also loved the idea of floating candles, both the webs and candles were found on Pinterest.  Here is my first lonely candle (a la Harry Potter) from last year hanging in my front window.  It’s made with a toilet paper roll, construction paper, with a fake votive light, and bendable wire from Michaels store.  Idea was borrowed from centsationalgirl.com.


So DRESS UP your house for Halloween!  Get cacklin!





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3 thoughts on “Decorate for Halloween”

  1. Fun ideas! The inside of my house is a holiday menagerie including everything from kitsch to classy with some truly scary pieces mixed in for fun. Wish I were an inherent decorator, but my partner enjoys my collection alongside me. Happy Halloween!

    1. I hardly had a halloween this year. Pumpkin not carved. Getting ready for company so have been cleaning like mad! Kitsch is good. As long as you both enjoy it. I have 2 china cabinets full of things. I love depression glass, antique glassware and tea pots.

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