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The first group of colors from Behr paints are considered to be high contrast. This palette consists of: black, fuschia, tropical green, jewel blue, and canary yellow.


According to an article by Erika Woelfel for Behr, all of their 2016 trends in colors are influenced by technology and how we react to all the sensory stimulation given off by technology.

It states that these high contrast colors (as shown in the above photo) of dark, moody colors mixed with bright colors and glossy surfaces with layered textures would fill the home with delights to stimulate the senses and allow us to unwind.

This struggle leaves us crying out for authentic stimulation, and since the home is a natural place to disengage and unwind, there’s no better environment to fill with sensory delights.”   See more at:


I don’t know about you, but coming home to ALL these sensory-stimulating colors after work would not be relaxing.  To each his own.

My take on this first group of color trends for this year would be to use two of these colors in a room, three at most, to add high contrast.


The room above is done in a dark shade of green, textured wallpaper and a bright white chair.  It really shows that the room is enhanced by the juxtaposition of the dark and light.   I think that’s all the contrast you need here.

This shows just one of the many ways you can take the Behr group of high contrast colors and tweak it to fit your lifestyle.



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