Color Trends for Spring 2016 – Luxe Dimensions



The first Behr color trends post went over like a lead balloon with readers and with myself.  I’m glad I didn’t propose that color trend, just reported on it!

The next group of colors are called Luxe Dimensions.   



Colors used in this room are taupe, coral, dark taupe, citron, and navy.

The study/office shown above depicts a very bold geometric design with 3 wall color horizontal stripes:  coralette, penthouse view, and fifth olive-nue.  The wall design doesn’t thrill me, but it adds a certain dimension to the space.   I like the large-scale herringbone floor, glass-top desk accented in blue vortex (navy), small navy bureau with gold lamps, and leather side chairs.  Accent pieces in coral are lumbar pillows and desk accessories with a touch of gold on the desk legs.

I do like this grouping of colors quite a bit more than the high contrast ones.  There are two more color trends to show you, according to Behr paints.  Bye for now!






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